Sunday, September 25, 2011


I wont deny that i watch enough television to rush through the commercials on my TIVO. But the amount of times that I see advertisements that boldly claim truths and in small print deny or lie. To make matters worse the small print is not held long enough on the small screen to read the "fine print." I have become so used to it ie hypnotized by this speed to move on to the show I'm watching that I should be numb. But I have this quirk that makes me have to decide (we all have this and can use it if you are not asleep) and complain that this advertising especially for seniors (count me as one) is scary. The boldness to even announce the bad results for drugs that might kill someone or make the cure worse than the disease makes me think that another step has been taken in blinding people because: I've got this and I want a pill to stop it. Or the banks that tell you good news but the word Restrictions is in the fine print. We sign papers to buy a home (if we can nowadays) or a car. And that Caveat to read those details. We can't even start on the small screen. So ask questions just because they say they will be helpful and we should trust them is not enough. Go to you bank talk one on one, the same with your doctor. Television is good for many things but not to impart truths to those who need them most.


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