Friday, December 26, 2008

Quote Mona Simpson, Poem Tom A Delmore

Mona Simpson said, "What I'd finally say about truth and autobiography is that all writers are probably trying to get at some core truth of life, at some configuration that is enduring and truthful. I just haven't found the truth to be my vehicle."


The small birds come
Uninvited to a feast.
There is no searching out
A bridegroom or bride
Yet seed scatters ceremoniously-
The distance of a beak thrust.

In this heaving of seed
There is faith. Faith that others
Too frightened to come near
Will be filled like Lazarus
Under the cleft
Of Abraham’s bosom.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

up and running new poem

It is snowing today so no going to work. I have been relearning the computer per se since we got it back but we are now up and running.


She has flaxseed oil
And I fish oil. Hers
Sounds like it would protect
Outside as well as in.
A good oil
Too fight over.

Fish oil entails…enfins
An outward stench
Poured on gardens
That promotes growth.
The brown bottle arrayed
In coastal native art;
Red and black, type
On the label.

The fish oil swallowed
Is capsulated. The size
Of a wax suppository.
It swims, like salmon spawning
To my eyes
And keeps me seeing
Without the smell.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

computer down

We have been without a computer for two weeks so I will Blog when It returns.