Saturday, February 28, 2009

Poem TA Delmore and quote by Lorca

Lorca said, "As I have not worried to be born, I do not worry to die.”And, "In Spain, the dead are more alive than the dead of any other country in the world."

Hand Me down Wagon
I had a red wagon
handed down with twine
unraveling on the handle-
old photos tell me so.
The handle bent
as if to say:
“tie me to a bike,
journey me down any hill.”

Sometimes I’d crash;
black handle impacting
pushing into my chest.
Running home to mom
in pain, she, looking tired
oh so tired.

“Where’s the wagon, Tommy?”

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poem by TA Delmore Quote Stanley Elkin

Ear Rings
She has bears on her ears
shiny silver shards
pressed into her lobes.
If one looked closely
at the lapel of those bear-filled ears
an arrow jaggeds itself on the bodies
of these stalwart beasts.
My totem on her lobes
and she keeps repeating:
there are no coincidences.

Stanley Elkin, said, "Life's tallest order is to keep the feelings up, to make two dollars' worth of euphoria go the distance. And life can't do that. So fiction does."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Poem by TA Delmore Quote by Sophie Kerr

The Desoto rolled off the line
In fifty-five.
I was pulled out of mom
The same year.
Desoto’s longevity was waning.
I would grow, wailing
Till I learned to be vocal inside
And shut my voice on the outside.

Into this new century
I saw a classic Desoto.
Four people sat inside laughing.
In me there are people, peering
Not laughing. I’m
Still on the assembly line
Of imperfection.

Sophie Kerr, who said, "An industrious sinner I much prefer to a lazy saint."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Quot by Prose Poem by me

Francine Prose said, "For now, books are still the best way of taking great art and its consolations along with us on the bus."

Winged Medicine
When the dead crow
was placed in the trash-
a perfect wing stretched
to greet me.
Twisting the appendage like a branch
it broke in my hand.
A gift so powerful
I dropped it to the ground.
Certain on some plain
it was in flight.