Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shopping around my poetry book

I have been sending out query letters to universities about my latest book: Tell them that you saw me but didn't see me saw. There are a couple of poems with pictures on my blog from the book. My dream is to get the book published by a University Press in one of the Dust Bowl states and read my poems in each state leading to California as these courageous people did. I am going on a workshop weekend to Port Townsend to do a little art and then our Delmore Family reunion on Whidbey Island. I am giving a talk on story as it pertains to family. A new poem to enjoy below.


I named her Louisiana
A rambling girl, a bigger
Purchase I could have never got.
She had many a spat; tit for tat
Katrina the latest tussle.
Mass exit makes for mass entrance
Musicians leadin the pack.
Streets pour with water. The occasional
Sofa or love seat blisters every alley.
She’s pretty, my Louisiana; that ninth ward
Like a cancer, should have been examined
Sooner or been more honest when she was
I see my Louisiana on TV its superdome
Like a tiara tossed. But she comes back
Dressed and sweats for the next event.
That’s my girl.

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Denise Kawaii said...

I wish you much luck in getting your book published. I am also in the throes of getting into print, and it is a wonderful / terrifying / delightful / frustrating process indeed!