Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Cycle of Writing

I have been looking at much photography of Dorthea Lange of late. She speaks to me as i look at what she has taken pictures of. I have written a couple of poems about her photograph's and will include one of them here. I have marked the pictures I want to write about and have been looking listensing to songs/lyrics from the thirties. This has been enough to start me seeing that another book is underway.

Dorthea Lange Photo

My Hemingway Man 1939
                           For Jenny

The dress I did not wear
Matters little, for now.
Jim, shirtless- my young
Hemingway man, flexes
His security number across
His bicep.

He makes me kiss
Those digits each night
As tobacco smoke dissipates
On his chest hairs.
When Jim leaves
I’ll put on the hanging dress-
My style shines like the pot
To my right.