Sunday, September 20, 2009


I see that my blog is full of quotes and my Cool Papa Bell photo/myth. But I have far from abandoned my poetry. My energy is going into transfromative art. I see a figurine that is broken and I must complete it with a bit of crow/raven bits. Above the computer is a bookend of a monk reading. His missing foot has been replaced by a crow foot. A white Greek figurine I found at a thrift store (10% off for helping to lift a piece of furniture onto a truck) has got raven wings and a splash of white that i noticed on a crow while at work this week. I have seen other crows with this splosh of color but as with the muse why now does it show up and say now is the time. I mailed my latest book of poetry off to Red Hen Press, for a poetry contest. I did my usual send a copy by dropping it in the wrong ie. metered mail and not writing Attn. to the specific contest. I called the press and never heard back and it wasn't returned so my awkward method of posting mail continues.