Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Mexico notes

New Mexico Notes

Where Gwen had focused her camera over and over I was striking with my flash of words.

I am under the station of
Jesus falls for the first time.
His body is roped off
In the Tabernacle.
Beat into falling
Of sins morphed into a cross.
His stained
Glass eyes look at me. I am
Lower in the pew- cameras flash.
People put their hands
On the feet of Christ-
Rubbing Buddha rubbing Christ.

Lorretto Chapel Santa Fe

What is the sky
Doing under- hanging over
The ground without strings?
No jet would fly into that thin air.
A bi-plane would make it interesting
As long as “Lady Lindy” were in pursuit.

Santa Fe Plaza

His bike was sprouting flowers
As he crossed the plaza-
End of the Santa Fe Trail
The Ghost of Comanche’s
Always show colors first
Not putting the beauty
Under a bushel.
“We are beyond
The oldest dust
In your tires.”

He rode on
Singing reggae into a white cup.