Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mind’s Eye

Mind’s Eye: "i.e. immediate, intense physical reactions, a sense of metaphor and decoration in everything—to express something not of them—something I suppose spiritual. But it proceeds from the material, the material eaten out with acid, pulled down from underneath, made to perform and always kept in order, in its place. Sometimes it cannot be made to indicate its spiritual goal clearly (some of Hopkins, say, where the point seems to be missing) but even then the spiritual must be felt. Miss Moore does this—but occasionally. The other way—of using the supposedly “spiritual”—the beautiful, the nostalgic, the ideal and poetic, to produce the material is the way of the Romantic, I think, and a great perversity."

It is always good to get touchstones from other writers/poets to keep our eyes sharp to the world around us. I have dificulty when I see something and can't get the depth of it to my satisfaction. Then I think that maybe I have seen enough. TA