Saturday, September 20, 2008


Back in July I went on a PRH Retreat in Port Townsend Washington. We were asked to go out and be chosen by a tree. I had a hard time with this because I am good at choosing beautiful trees, but one that would choose me? I followed no path and saw many trees that I liked. As I approached one a branch nudged my shoulder. I kept walking but then decided to turn around. It was amazing! If I could have climbed inside of it I would have. We talked, hugged and had a wonderful time. Yesterday I was walking my dog in a ravine by my apartment. About a third of the way through I saw a huge bird take off in front of me on the trail I thought it was a hawk. It landed in a low tree not far from me. It was a Barred Owl, in all its splendor! I had 3 minutes to chat sound and praise the universe for being chosen again. The bird considered me in a way that i could not ignore.