Saturday, July 28, 2007

John Ashbery Poet/Poem: In Brother's Hearts

In Brother’s Hearts

When Joseph’s brothers
Threw him in the well
They baptized him in dust
And mud.
Strangers raised him up.

Those brothers so full
Of a family lie
Returned to their father Jacob
Blood smeared on rainbowed cotton-
And the truth.

This colorful wrap
Received like a prodigal ghost
To aged hands.
There was no ram in a thicket
To put this sin upon.
A wolf of Talmudic wisdom
Was caught for such distinction.

What these savant brothers forgot
In every lie thrums a bit of truth.
Wolf spoke: I have no taste for humans.
Thus knitting deceit even deeper
In the familial fabric.

John Ashbery Poet

He also said, "To create a work of art that the critic cannot even begin to talk about ought to be the artist's chief concern."