Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crow speaks

Welcome to my crowsperch. My totem is my crow so the title seems right. I am a poet with two publihed chapbooks. One is out of print, Eclipsing F, the other: Child is Working to Capacity, published by is still availaable.

I believe crows mimic the world vey well. They are intelegent and fun to watch. Enjoy the words!

Prometheus Father

He did not create
The Frisbee but brought it
To the family as a means
Of sport and exercise. He
Was the master of the flicked
Wrist, and cutting air. He made
His children wanting-
But not wanting enough.
Always control
And accuracy of the disk.

When he noticed his children
Becoming his match with the Frisbee
Prometheus went out, purchased
A ping pong table, and started the cycle
All over again.